Top Maritime Security Escort Vessels in Nigeria

Top Maritime Security Escort Vessels in Nigeria

Maritime security has been at the front burner of marine operations. With the devastating statistics on maritime piracy and terrorism comes the need for maritime security escort vessels in Nigeria, and beyond.

Some years ago, the maritime industry witnessed a decline in pirate activities in the Gulf of Guinea and Somalia. However, new threats have been lately reported to be on the rise, with a hot spot zone like the Gulf of Guinea accounting for a high percentage of the incidents.

In 2021, the Gulf of Guinea accounted for nearly half (43 percent) of all reported piracy incidents in the world and 95 percent of kidnapping cases.

Over the last decade, maritime security has become an important requirement for merchant’s vessels. This is due to the increased threats of piracy across the world.

Hijacking of vessels by pirates has resulted in huge losses for shipping companies. It has depredated the collective economy and forced the maritime players to find potent ways of combating the menace.

Efforts by the Nigerian Government

The Nigerian government, in its own part, has rolled out a strategic blueprint designed to secure Nigeria’s waterways in the Gulf of Guinea. The Integrated National Security and Waterways Protection Infrastructure project, popularly known as Deep Blue, has committed substantial resources to combat piracy, oil theft, smuggling, and illegal fishing.

However, while this remains a telling contribution to maritime security, it does not categorically guarantee the safety of all vessels sailing Nigerian waters, the Gulf of Guinea, and beyond.

Nigerian navy patrol in the Gulf of Guinea
Nigerian navy patrol in the Gulf of Guinea.

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In order to successfully tackle this problem, many security companies have started to provide maritime security services, which are custom-made for the present modern piracy at sea.

Aquaterra Solutions Nigeria Limited is among the top licensed maritime security companies in Nigeria. We are actively contributing our expertise towards helping ship owners secure their vessels and cargo.

What We Do

  1. Security Escort Vessels.
  2. Stowaway Search
  3. Vessel Leasing and Equipment
  4. Crude Oil Trading Brokerage

Security Escort Vessels

We run fully sophisticated border-to-border maritime security escort vessels in Nigeria. Designated escort boats sail close to the voyaging vessel carrying cargo for security purposes. Also, armed vessels will sail out and meet merchant vessels at the designated RV point. We work closely with the Nigerian Navy Armed Guards. Our maritime security liaison officers provide detailed situation reports and computerized tracing.

Our company has the machinery to conduct a thorough and professional stowaway search for your cargo or vessels at berth. Our stowaway search is conducted by a specially trained team (including naval personnel) and trained sniffer dogs. Typically, the search should take between 3-4 hours. In addition, we maintain technical stowaway surveillance until the vessel set sails. In Nigeria, we have extended our stowaway search services to Lagos anchorage area. We are also one of the only companies with the capabilities to search offshore.

Vessel Leasing and Equipment

Through our good relationship with vessel owners, we can provide the following: Fast Intervention Supply Vessels (FISV), Platform Supply Vessels with DP1 and DP2 capabilities, etc.

Crude Oil Trading Brokerage

We can act as an intermediary for buyers and sellers of crude oil to transact in a safe and reliable environment. We have established a good relationship with sellers of BCLO and other crude oil commodity sellers across Europe and the Middle East. The whole transactional process is made simple, easy and secure courtesy of our team of experienced brokers.

Aquaterra Solutions Nigeria Limited is the top maritime security outfit in Nigeria that you can rely upon. We have years of experience in the field.

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